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  1. Nov


    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    du Arena

  2. Sep


    New York (NYC), NY, US

    Global Citizen Festival

  3. Sep

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    Philadelphia, PA, US

    Made in America Festival

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Live reviews

  • Rihanna

    Rihanna made her entrance through one of the tunnels like a boxer coming out for the main event. Concealing her face under a heavy hood, she slowly found her way onto the platform opposite the stage. A spotlight followed her every move, making the white robe glow, while phone lights provided stars to pierce through the dark night surrounding her. A single microphone waited on a stand as thunderous applause and ear-piercing screams filled the venue, and it served to silence the crowd in an instant. “All along it was a fever, a cold sweat hot-headed believer…” Having exposed nothing more than her unmistakable voice (and fingernails and unmistakable ass) to her audience, there was no doubt as to who was hiding under that robe. The entirety of “Stay” was performed from that position, before she revealed her face. Having attended close to a thousand concerts, it’s not often I find myself in awe at being in close proximity to a musician, but seeing Rihanna standing in front of me, in the flesh, made me realize what a cult of personality she has built around herself. As she continued the performance with “Love the Way You Lie (Part II)”, she was part pop diva, part rock star, part sex symbol, all while never being anything but Rihanna. She is still so young, yet has already solidified herself among the very few people in history who everyone will know by a single name. It was very in the show, but I was already convinced she had earned that status as well. Her voice is her defining talent, but her business acumen, stage presence, attitude, and beauty are what complete the package. - See more at: http://ilistensoyoudonthaveto.com/2016/05/10/rihanna-viejas-arena-05-09-16/#sthash.AluW51yF.dpuf

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  • Es hieß der Einlass wäre um 17 Uhr,allerdings waren wir ungefähr um 19 Uhr erst im Stadion und die Musik spielte schon. Draußen wurden dann schon alle nervös.

    Erst als wir vorne an kamen, haben wir auf einem Plakat gelesen, dass The Weekend gar nicht kommen wird.Schade das man im INTERNET keine Infos darüber hatte!

    Wir hatten uns brav alle angestellt, ca schon um 16 Uhr.Und wir mussten uns die ganzen Zeit angucken wie Menschenmassen an uns einfach vorbei gehen und sich vordrängten. Und keiner von der Security hat etwas dagegen unternommen.

    Wir haben E-mails erhalten, dass strengere Kontrollen erfolgen werden und wir deshalb mehr Zeit einplanen sollten.Aber wo war das Personal dafür und um ehrlich zu sein war das eine sehr mickrige Kontrolle und trotzdem hat es ewig gedauert!

    Als wir dann endlich drin waren wussten wir gar nicht wo hin mit uns,weil einfach nichts ausgeschildert war. Big Sean hat richtig Stimmung gemacht.Er war eine Stunde da.Danach lief nur noch eine Playlist und haben über eine Stunde auf Rihanna gewartet.Als sie dann endlich kam waren die Rücken- und Fußschmerzen vergessen vom ganzen stehen und warten.Sie hat uns eine tolle Show geboten. Ich liebe sie und die Kommentare im Internet, von wegen das sie Lustlos gewesen sei, ist einfach nicht wahr. Die Show ging leider nur 90Minuten und wir hätten uns alle über eine Zugabe gefreut, trotzdem war es ein tolles Konzert!

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  • With all that has happened in France recently, Rihanna faced a stiff challenge getting Parisians and herself in a summery party mood at the Stadt De France.

    However, she seemed to instinctively make the right choices to tap into the crowds fears, their need to reflect and their right to sing and dance without care. Rihanna opened the show hidden beneath a white hooded sweater and sang the wistful 'Stay' - a song whose lyrics took on a lot of ambivalence given the current political climate.

    The songs from her Anti album were well received even though their lazy, sexy groove is more suited to a more intimate arena. Among the many hits from the album, 'Desperado' and 'Kiss it Better' stood out as they showcased Rihanna's scything vocals and Prince-like funk.

    Rihanna also expertly mixed in medleys of favourites such as 'Umbrella', 'Man Down' and 'We Found Love in a Hopeless Place.' An undoubted highlight was 'Diamonds' which was introduced with a genuinely heartfelt speech by Rihanna expressing support for peace and the people of France. She then asked for the stadium to send out its light to France by way of illuminated mobile phones and the result was a spectacular touching moment.

    By the end of the show, everyone had fallen more in love with Rihanna and headed back into the dark Parisian night with a little more light in their hearts and minds.

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  • You've seen her music videos. You follow her on twitter. You follow her style, trends, favorites. You sing the lyrics in the shower, driving home with your friends, serenading a lover. But nothing is as real as seeing Rihanna perform live!!! The energy from the audience, the attitude and power that's thrown back off the stage...ah-maz-ing. The peeks and valleys from the soulful serenade of Stay to the sexy shock of S&M it's all new once you hear it live! One of my favorite things about going to a show is not only the excitement building up to it, buying the tickets then getting my bracelet and going in. That's just the beginning. I love more than anything, after seeing a great show and I'm back at home listening to the music, remembering where I was, who I was with, how I felt, what I saw and how much fun we were having when we were rocking out and suddenly, Rihanna isn't just some celebrity entertainer, she is a part of something bigger and the music is suddenly different, better, more meaningful. I've seen Rihanna a couple of times and every time that girl delivers. Her fans love her, she has attitude and swag that makes her real and sometimes the energy leaves you glowing for days and asking yourself, how long do I have to wait until music makes me feel this high again?

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  • It was a great concert from the begining. DJ Mustard started the show, and it was wery good warm up, people were dancing.

    Then after a little break came on the stage Big Sean. That was also powerful performance and we really enjoyed that.

    After another break started Rihanna's show. She came from the back of the arena to the little stage above the soundmen. Two slow songs were awesome. Than she walked on steel and glass bridge and sing a song Woo and another one above us. See was so close to us, that was perfect. Then the reast of the show was on the main stage. She sings wery well, but the sound was overbassed, and the singing can't be heared clearly, that was mistake. Also she was'n talk much, she gave us one song after another. But the songs are so great. It was generally songs from the new album Anti, great. The show duration was 90min.

    I'm so blessed that I was on the show. I was great. Thank you and hopefully see you RiRi again soon.

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  • Rihanna's Anti World tour concert in Malmö was even better than I expected. I have to be honest, I was not a big fan of hers but of course Queen Riri changed that with her beautiful yet slaying personality and amazing voice. The overall experience was fun althought the only thing that was a littlee annoying is the fact that the concert started a little more than an hour later than what it was supposed to. But I mean.. it's Rihanna, she can do whatever. A tips from me would be to either buy the standing tickets as close to the scene as possible or buy the ones that are high up and on the opposite side of the scene. I was up and although it was long away from Riri it was magical to see all the people and the lights and literary everything. If you're hesirating weather you should go or not I would tell you to go go go, because it is such a beautiful and fun experience to have!

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  • In one word - unforgettable.

    Rihanna was in rare form. This tour has a more subdued palette than her other tours, as the stage was a blank white, and all of her outfits were in shades of cream, tan, black, and brown. However, there was a special energy in the room that night. Rihanna seemed happy, comfortable, and more in control than she has ever been. She joked with the crowd, engaged with all sides of the arena, and made sure everyone had a good time. Halfway during the concert, she announced that it was party time, and the stage lit up with these cool colored pods that pulsated in different colors. Other highlights include her flying over the audience, a foam machine on stage, and her dancers exciting the crowd in sparkly outfits.

    I envy those who are going to see her, and implore those who can still buy tickets to do so!

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  • Rihanna is probably one of the best pop artists at the moment. I've gone to three shows - first in Portugal, in her "Loud" tour; 2nd in London in a small venue for her "777" tour; and the last one in Richmond park, as part of the "Unapolagetic" tour. All of them were incredibly amazing! Her songs put so much energy in the crowd and it's impossible to not get stuck to her dance moves and stage special effects.

    From the lights, sceneries, to the outfits - everything is top quality and very sophisticated and original.

    You are able to listen to the top hits, and also some medleys from her older stuff. Setlists are wisely chosen, as they keep the crowd excited along the show.

    I would definitely go to her next show - it's always a surprise and somewhat different from what she has done until now.

    She rocks!

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  • Daaaammmn. I didn't know what to expect, especially since I found myself more excited for the preshow of 'the weeknd'to the Rhianna tour and contemplated selling the tickets after he and Travis Scott pulled out. I'm glad I didn't. The show itself made me realise just how many anthems Rhianna has to her name.These sprinkled throwbacks were the most memorable for me throughout the show. The set and lighting combined to give a fab production value over all, in particular the very beginning where Rihanna emerged from behind and took a smaller stage before flying off on a clear platform across to the main stage. Overall I really really enjoyed the show. Wasn't quite one that made me jump and wave my arms around, but one that made me appreciate the talent Rihanna clearly has.

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  • Grate show! Would definitely go see Rihanna live again! Enjoyed everything - signing, visuals, dancing, costumes! Really recommend to watch Rihanna live performance at least once!

    A bit long show due to 2 artists performing before Rihanna and also a bit too long time waiting for her to get on the stage. Not nice, especially for people standing all that super long time in VIP zone and Golden Circle without possibility to leave in between and not loose their position closer to stage. Can imagine it was very tough to stand more than three hours in a raw. Had standing ticket myself and must say it was a bit hard. Other than that - the Rihanna's performance was worth every bit of waiting! Loved her!

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