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Songkick has been a trusted home for live music since 2007. From day one, we’ve set about making it as easy, fun and fair as possible for you to see your favorite artists live. Right now, more than 15 million music fans across the globe use Songkick to track their favorite artists, discover concerts and buy tickets with confidence.

We’ve always put fans first. That means no spam about things you don’t care about, and no inflated ticket prices. Live music should work for everyone, and we work hard to empower our community and cut out the BS along the way. Nothing but good vibes from here.

Best of all, Songkick is totally free. Sign up and track bands via our website, or download our iPhone and Android apps for concert alerts on the go. Either way, you’ll be the first to know about the best shows in your area.

We’ll see you down the front.

15 million

music fans using Songkick worldwide

6 million

concerts and festivals listed on Songkick

7.3 billion

folks waiting for Daft Punk to tour again

Things people have said

This app is awesome! It’s super user friendly and makes it easy to find concerts in my area. I’m going to some amazing concerts this year thanks to Songkick!

EmJoBrown, App Store

Waking up to a notification feels like Christmas! Gone are the days of hearing about a concert only to discover that tickets are sold out and scalpers are charging three times the price!

V. Gonzalez, Play Store

You know when you get a push notification from like, a grocery store, and you thought it was a text from the emotionally unavailable guy you like, and it’s really annoying? The push notifications from Songkick are better than any guy. Love this app and don’t know how I lived without it for so long.

K. Mlynarczyk, Play Store

Thank you Songkick, now I’m that guy with tickets for my loser friends to fight over.

T. Wegner, Play Store

Everything else

Songkick is based out of Hoxton, East London. Follow the coffee grounds.