Community guidelines

Songkick is a home for live music – a place for fans and artists to come together to help us create the best concert platform ever. The more people using Songkick, the better it gets – discovering new shows, contributing to our event listings and uploading photos, posters and reviews.

We want Songkick to work for everyone, so along with our terms, your use of our service is subject to these community guidelines.

  1. Quest for truth. Songkick is a place for accurate and bonafide concert information only. We work around the clock to make sure our listings are 100% correct, timely and up-to-date. If you’re contributing to our events database, make sure what you’re posting is true and confirmed by the artist, venue and event organisers.

    There are rare occasions where bad data might end up on Songkick. If you spot incorrect concert information, go ahead and correct it via the ‘Edit event’ button, or let us know via the ‘Flag a problem’ form. We jump on bad data as soon as it’s brought to our attention and dig to the heart of the issue to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    If we find that you’re repeatedly and maliciously adding incorrect information to Songkick, we’ll take measures and, if pushed, delete your account. Don’t ruin it for everyone, buddy.

  2. Upload responsibly. When it comes to adding photos, posters and videos to Songkick, please don’t upload copyrighted content without permission from the owner.

    If you see someone adding photos or posters that are yours, it’s probably an overzealous fan who loves your work and wants everyone to bask in its glory. If you’d prefer that something of yours wasn’t shown on Songkick, get in touch with the team and we’ll happily remove it right away.

  3. Show some respect. Sure, we’re all music snobs, but we want to accept and respect all types of opinions across Songkick. When it comes to posting reviews or interacting with fans and artists in any way, find a way to communicate your opinion politely and considerately. There’s no time and no place on Songkick for hateful, racist, sexist or harassing language, whatsoever.

    Online or offline, treat other music fans as you’d want to be treated yourself. We’re all in this together.

  4. Don’t take the biscuit. Feel free to add your concerts on Songkick – that’s what we’re here for – but if we find you spamming people, misusing the service for commercial gain or generally being an unwelcome pest, we’ll take action.

  5. Keep it clean. We hope it goes without saying, but Songkick is not a place for pornography. Don’t post sexually explicit or illegal material anywhere on the site.

  6. Pay it forward. If you’re enjoying the Songkick service, spread the word! More people using Songkick means more people finding out about new concerts, attending shows and having an irreversible, life changing and cathartic moment with their favorite artist. The world will be a better, happier, sweatier place as a result.

If you have any questions about our community guidelines, or if you’re just keen to learn how to get the most out of Songkick, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly Customer Support team!